In the Beginning, God created the
New York State Fair and All Was Good

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

In the Beginning, God created the New York State Fair and made it the #1 playground for children of all ages. To help thwart the attack of the oil barons upon Americans, many of us resorted to alternative means of transportation.

Today, Day One of the Fair and once again, made my effort to be on the first bus out of Shoppingtown. Alas, as with everything else created he ruined the experience for the kids. Actually, “He” did not ruin the experience for children. That privilege was saved for me.

After the first bus left shoppingtown and about 50 of us still standing around, a young boy of 5 or 6 kept talking to his own dad. The boy said 2,000 times that a bus was coming and I responded to each with the negative. “No, no more busses.” That was the last one. You could see the sadness and fear in his head. When the bus did finally arrive, he kept announcing its arrival, and I kept telling him, “see, I told you so.” I am sure it will be a few years before his mind unscrambles that mess.

The other painful saddle thrown upon the backs of mankind is the raising of children. My Mrs. commented how Centro is organized and keeps the busses moving on time. I disagreed. The sixteen year old genetic backsplash mumbled something about “of course I would complain about Centro because I always complain about everything.” Since she called me out in front an audience, I had to do my “thang” and comment about how they could use more busses at heavy traffic times. They could use seating, shade, and even a porta potty. ‘Trust Me. I’m a Lawyer.’

“Shame” was the emotion that overwhelmed me as the bus pulled away. A kid on crutches was forced to stand. Not a single whitey from whiteburbia would give the kid a seat. I would have, but I was already standing on one leg with some little kid kicking me in the shin.


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