Dear President Obama

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

First let me say congratulations on your re-election. You worked hard for it and you earned it. If you ask anybody around me, they will confirm that I had no doubt in my mind that you would prevail in your efforts. Your opponent was just not up to par and of the caliber necessary to sit in the Oval office and other than party loyalists and those who just hate you for you are, he had very little support in the public arena. What the right wing media calls a media conspiracy to cover up and protect you, I see as a media reporting what is the truth on the ground. Republicans lost their way with the Bush administration and have not yet found a path back into mainstream American thinking.

Second, make no mistake; I want very much for you to succeed. With no more pressure to win any more elections, the doors are wide open for you to truly advance the United States toward her greater angels. There is so much you can accomplish and you have my hopes and dreams and those of hundreds of millions of others around your neck. We are counting on you and to a person, are Americans who will stand together and fight to help this nation go forward and prosper. Obviously my own thoughts as to what should be your focus and agenda are irrelevant to a man living in a bubble as do you. But know that I am out here and I am not alone. If you want to know my thoughts, I would be happy to sit down in the galley of the White House and have a cuppa joe (and maybe even a cigarette) and have conversations about big subjects. You call and I will come running anytime.

Third, I openly admit that I did not vote for you. Two reasons prompted me to do so. One and most importantly, I had no doubt in my mind that New York would turn blue on election night. Your garnering the state’s votes in the electoral college was to me, as sure a thing as the sun coming up tomorrow. The best evidence of that was that neither you nor the republican nominee bothered to spend more than 2 minutes in New York state during the entire campaign – except to attend lavish fundraisers. Since we did not meet there, you can assume I am not a one percenter and thus have no access to the halls of power.

The other reason I did not vote for you was because I truly wanted to see Gary Johnson, a man of great honor and integrity and whose ideas are not that far off from yours, garner as much of the popular vote as possible. Gov. Johnson would have been a great President but this is not the time. We still live in a nation where party loyalty tops national loyalty. To me, that is traitorous act; to elevate party interests over national interests. As long as your party and the republicans control the rules to the game, nobody else will ever get to play. Governor Johnson brought a lot to the table; ideas that I would hope you would listen to. He had a great platform and some very out of the box solutions to very troubling national problems. Unfortunately people still refuse to accept any candidacy that is outside the 2parties we have now. But hopefully over time, more parties will spring up and more people will get involved in politics and supporting the country.

Fourth, please don’t forget your roots. Like you, I am a product of an atypical family. Unlike you, it took me longer than most to find my way in life. Like you, I ended up a lawyer and while not so much a community activist, I have used my career and license to try and bring about change to public institutions. In my mind, I have been successful to a certain extent and hope that as the years go on, I will continue to have a positive of an impact on my community. You, Mr. President, can change the world. The legacy you leave behind could be the subject of admiration for centuries. Look no further than the reverence shown to Presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Roosevelt. Remembering your roots, the struggles of the plain folks, the harsh world that most people confront on a day to day basis, should be the beacon in the night and the basis upon which you construct your national policy. Please don’t forget that the overwhelming majority of us get our hands dirty every day just to eat and have where to live.

Last, you have the world’s largest bully pulpit. From your office and because you are in the last job you will ever have (except for the millions you and the First Lady will earn from speaking fees), you can change the world. No longer do you have to pander and make nice to the opposition. Bring on that change you wanted. Go on TV every day and hammer away at those who are using their party loyalty to block you. Republicans will never let you win; because you are a Democrat and because you are Black. You have more muscle than them and should be out there every day pushing hard to make this nation that true shining city on the hill. After inauguration day, your loyalty to your party and your financiers is no longer required. At that point you can turn your attention to the rest of the nation and change our policies for the better.

Count me as among those who wish you the very best of luck and that you do what none before you have been able to accomplish. Don’t let the crazies out there intimidate you with words like “socialism” or “communism” or any other “ism” that they want pin on your lapel. Nowhere in the constitution does it mandate our nation operate under any particular economic model. While Congress legislates, you can motivate. Do what is right and ignore the critics and slanderers.

In your hands lie the hopes and dreams of my children and the hundreds of millions of other Americans. People all around the world will be looking to you. Make up proud Mr. President. Though I don’t always agree with you, I have no doubt in my mind that you have our best intentions at heart. Please don’t let me down. Give me the chance to one day tell my grandchildren that I was there when President Obama changed the world for the better.

Peace, love, and best of luck to you, Sir.

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