By Mark David Blum, Esq.

Imagine you woke up one day to hear your favorite 24/7 newscaster of the moment announce that Bank of America ‘got the Bomb’. In fact, it was a really big bomb they bought and hid well somewhere in a major city on the planet. Millions upon millions of lives are now in jeopardy

Yes, while your President chased after bad guys in white robes, the real enemy was building its own resources and military. Blackwater’s billions were in the hands of Bank of America. If you think about it, everybody’s money is in storage in some Bank.

You are about to embark on a magical journey into how the world may look and what the future may hold for us in the event Bank of America gets the ‘Bomb’. Could this be a real situation? Only the Fed knows for sure. Maybe Walmart or Exxon will get the Bomb first. ‘Who’ is not the question. ‘What if’ should be more pressing. Remember, nobody makes more money than Exxon.

Not many are likely to forget that fateful September morn. It was the 28th and it was the morning that world governments woke up to learn that Bank of America got the Bomb. A spokesman for the monolithic multinational announced to all that Bank of America was seceding from the Union. Not only from the United States but Bank of America was declaring its Independence from any Governmental control whatsoever and from any Nation that would attempt to lay political claim over it. The world was threatened once with a release of the weapon should any attempt be made to stop it.

Bank of America was not alone that day. Other major corporations had been working with BofA and joined in the Bank’s efforts at Independence. The sharing of resources and technology amongst the various companies gave them complete control over all markets. Combined, their financial wealth, investments, and resources could choke off food and fuel to the entire world. Pushed too far and a Bomb could explode. As a group, they proclaimed . There shall be no allegiance to any government and that these same conglomerates answer to no one but themselves.

The immediate backsplash is not difficult to imagine. International ramifications of these subversive actions call for a worldwide response. From our history books we see the end result.

Looking back to the ‘Day’ and in the days and weeks following, after the rioting and threats, the shock to the economic communities, political unrest, and dangers of overthrow, arrest, and chaos, the general hysteria began to subside and the leaders of the world began to pay close attention to the specifics of the Articles creating the Corporate Confederacy now in possession of two bombs.

Standing tall and proud at the podium situated in the fortified world headquarters in the heart of San Francisco's business district, the then president and chief executive officer of Bank of America elaborated to the gathered mass of Heads of State to explain the nuts and bolts of how things were going to be from hereon in. Everybody listened attentively.

"We wish it to be understood ... ," he began promptly. ... that it is not our intention to cause harm to any person or nation. This obviously would run contrary to the very fundamental principle to which our corporate capacities for survival adhere. The destruction of any single market would severely curtail our income and growth potential. Thus, to simply detonate one of our devices is not something 'We' wish to do.

Furthermore, we do not desire to hold any nation or people as hostage since this would also have negative repercussions for our shareholders. We pray however that all of you clearly understand that we are strongly committed to our efforts and under no circumstances will allow any of you to meddle in this process. Such interference would be suicidal to you as persons as well as your nations. We trust you will all behave as rational human beings. Allow us the opportunity to implement our program and you will be convinced, just as are we, of its’ potential for monumental success."

"Throughout the recent history of government regulation, increased taxation, and ideological transformation, it has become more and more difficult to realize profits for our shareholders. These policies have placed great strain upon our capacity for growth and therefore increased overhead which reflected in higher consumer prices with ever reduced earnings for investors. We (corporations) have become ever increasing targets and victims because the populace holds us responsible for their ills. Additionally, many accuse us of caring only for profits. To the last charge, we must plead ‘guilty'."

"It is the fundamental responsibility - in fact, the sole raison d'etre for the corporation - to provide a constantly increasing profit for our shareholders. Now that we no longer owe any allegiance to any state; thus are not subject to taxation, regulation, and political compromise, We can reduce costs thereby passing the savings along to the consumer. By managing to upkeep a false economy by the oppressive policies of taxation and regulation creates a great bifurcation in the distribution of goods and services.”

"Since the self-serving needs of the state create an atmosphere detrimental to the true growth of corporate revenues, we have had to unify our position and thus protect ourselves from the anti-corporate climate developing today. We wish to clarify that it is not our intention to create an adversarial relationship with any population or national entity."

"We 'want it to be known that there shall be no change in what we deem to be normal business practices. This is not a move toward monopolization, but rather one that shall allow total freedom to pursue our primary goals - those of profit and competition."

"Traditionally, the role of business in society has been a great paradox. It juxtaposes the corporate addiction to profit gathering without hindrance against the societal demands for low prices, environmental protection, decent wages, and social responsibility. Furthermore, we have been confused by the ideologies of fairness and state loyalty while at the same time we are expected to pay enormous bribes, buy political favors, and harm the people every chance we get."

"It is no longer our collective ideology to continue these outrageous practices. Ethical considerations are not the issue, but these practices which are demanded of us by all societies regardless of individual state political system, run contrary to a free market and thus inhibit our abilities to realize growth . We are not declared angels, yet we would much prefer to do 'business' in an uninhibited and free atmosphere."

"Having to operate within a powerful set of culturally relative norms and restraints; be they economic, legal, political, social, or technical, forces us to institute institutional change as the society changes. This policy, while maybe insuring our continued success within a particular body politic, doing so can create a financial as well as managerial havoc. By becoming independent entities, we are not answerable to these social upheavals. Thus we can continue business-as-usual and not worry whether the society accepts us. Should any of you attempt to force your new concepts upon us or should any harm befall us from such social change, rest assured that the group of us shall immediately refrain from any and all doings in your market until we again deem it safe and practical to return."

"I am sure many of you are questioning what will become of the interdependence between the corporation and the community. Understand first that no matter how much you try to break us, we will not bend."

"By cutting off raw materials, you will only cause your own collapse. You felt a twinge of our ability to ruin economies back in late 2008. What did you think we did with that near Trillion dollar gift by the American government? Should you come after us, then it is you; the state, the people, the economy, and the political machines that shall experience the greater casualties. Need I remind you of the devastating effects of massive unemployment, shortages, loss of the tax base, and bleak outlook for the future will have upon your individual stabilities. So, please let us continue with a 'business as usual' policy. We shall police ourselves as entities because we contend that we are answerable only to the community of the world in which we exist.”

"Since We contend that many of the world’s communities have grown larger than a single nation-state, no one government has the authority to dictate, policy. For example, any of you could show the physical location of the United States on a map. Yet it would require more effort to delineate the areas of the world which are elements of the United States community. The U.S. community extends to cultures and nations far across the spectrum from .American culture. Japan and Saudi Arabia represent two of the many included in this community. This is also one community among many. Yet, the members of this community are so completely divergent in every aspect of their cultural, political, and social lives. However can one expect business to function rationally and cohesively with so many different standards to adapt to? We shall therefore dictate our economic policy to ourselves without outside interference. Local government intervention can only add to the confusion of smooth business operations."

"Try to picture the scenario this way: Social evolution occurs along a linear pathway. First, the economy changes whereby it absorbs and exploits all it can, then tosses out what is leftover. As with all other life forms that we know, creatures consume. The economic animal is no different."

"Next, the society evolves based upon the residual effects of the economy. Not only is there waste left behind but also there are many benefits. As these social new ways work their way into a culture, political structures are then established to codify and protect the society."

"We corporations and the political leadership are positioned at opposite ends of the social spectrum; both in turn protecting and dictating the policies of our communities. Yet somehow the idea of letting the rear end lead is a backwards movement. We did not develop this seemingly natural evolutionary process. It no longer is in anyone's best interest to allow the tail to point the direction of the horse."

"You, as the political leadership of the world and we, the combined business power of the world can do what has never before been successfully accomplished. The ability to completely satisfy the combined needs of our communities (your citizens, our employees and shareholders) shall be the greatest contribution to the future ever made. The State shall provide for the social needs of its constituents. The independent economies and high employment shall assure the economic survival of a culture. The political needs of the communities shall be met for may they may codify their beliefs without making an economic sacrifice. Many nations will lay down their arms as there shall no longer be economic conflict between nation-states."

“Developing nations or new concepts of social harmony can nurture their respective ideals without an imperialist presence using an economy as a weapon to enforce ideology. We are making special arrangements to financially stabilize those economies which have been raped over and over again to begin a healing process. This will grant them the opportunity to develop, modernize, and establish political footholds where necessary."

"While I am on this issue, it is necessary to make a poignant point at this vertex in the conversation. Since We will be operating in a multi-cultural world, there shall no longer be such a thing as a black man, an Asian, an Indian, or chauvinism / feminism in the work place. We all know that there is no biological difference between each other and that all factors being equal one human is 99% as capable as another within three standard deviations. Race, ethnicity, national origin, religious or political affiliation, or gender type shall not predetermine one’s ability to produce. We have recently admitted to ourselves that such policies are archaic and detrimental to maximization of the potential workforce. Like I said earlier, do as you wish in your communities but do not attempt to forge your individual ideologies into our ledger books.”

"I might suggest that you do not sit there assuming that the state is more powerful than business. Momentarily I will show you a direct comparison between the offerings provided by communities to business as well as the contributions by business to the respective communities - from the neighborhood community to the recently created world community.”

"This particular idea of community became really interesting to us after detecting it a while back. It was a major new phenomenon that became a turning point in history. The only way we could define it was to label it the ‘world community’. This unique community never really came to the forefront of human social history until the massive nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, U.S.S.R.”

“There We witnessed the true potential for nuclear holocaust. The entire world was aghast and political differences were temporarily set aside to fight the hideous threat to the world's future. We joined together to cease the fires and heal the hurt. Many feared for their lives and this fear transcended all political, cultural, and economic boundaries as we awaited Godzilla."

"Finally, you all agreed at all costs, to end this threat to future humanity. None shall forget how badly the Soviets behaved at first, but even they softened when the massive potential for forever-to-come-early came crashing down upon the collective conscious. This human need of confronting a perceived external threat forced a breakdown of former political barriers and new friendships and subsequently communities were established. Then came the internet and walls were no more.”

"Gentlemen and Ladies, could you please hold all your questions to the end. In due course I am sure they shall all be answered."

"We believe the second question you are mulling over is how this will affect your populations. The first, is obviously, how this new plan will fiddle with your respective treasuries. We choose to deal with the second before answering the first. Since you shall provide the social, cultural, and political needs of your communities, the only part of the population we need to address is how it shall affect their labor/earning power and also its effects upon living conditions."

"The downside of this program we have discovered is that the labor union is no longer effective and thus will not be tolerated. Next, since Industry is always changing, markets are opening and closing, and perceived needs are modified, certain persons will need retraining at certain times in their careers. This retraining will probably end up State mandated since it is in everyone's best interests to maintain a steady tax base. People who cannot work, cannot produce. We shall offer the work and let governments and localities know ahead of time of change. This should enable you to prepare for economic shifts as they occur. We understand that there will be some upset in certain communities by these policies."

"Certainly some markets will suffer tremendous shakeup and a certain percent of small business will go asunder. Yet, the freer atmosphere will allow a new phoenix to rise from the ashes of social change. We apologize to these small businessmen and women who fall to the wayside. Be assured that the 'service' sectors and 'convenience' sectors of local business shall survive if not thrive. Our only caution is to beware the franchise establishment. It is a dangerous animal and must be kept caged."

"There does not appear to be any evidence of a radical shift in the rural versus urban dilemma. Oh, there will be a correction as some choose to change their circumstances. Overall, the usual forces that drive an individual from one condition to the next will remain virtually undisturbed. Persons will follow jobs, and deficits may occur in certain regions, but this shall balance out in the larger community."

With that last comment, the aging Chairman of Bank of America drew a deep breath and let loose a sigh of exhaustion. He then reached next to him and poured the ice cold water down his throat from a dripping glass perched on the circular stand to his right. At that very moment, he was besieged by an endless barrage of questions.

For many an endless days he had sweated over the current assault on the existing system. Now, faced with the climax of these efforts achieving success he looked up and his lungs with the sweetness of fresh air. He began again.

"Look people, I have asked you to hold questions and proclamations until we are finished here. Grant me the time I need to complete my chore and we shall benefit and get out sooner. Remember. I am one of you. I am a human being and thus wi11 have to reside in your community. My income shall be taxed according to local provisions. The families of all the employees as well as the employees themselves shall always be held responsible to the various communities around which their lives circulate. Only when they are under the eye of the corporation they represent are they free of any responsibility to the State provided they do not interfere with the normal business of government. In other words, when one of our employees is at work, his behavior is expected to fall in line with that ideology of the corporation. When he is on his own time, then they shall answer to their respective peoples. I am to be treated the same way and by the same standards, along with those who serve as heads of particular corporations.”

"The social responsibilities are broken down into three categories. The first is conceptual, the second is the impact of the responsibilities on profits, and finally the effects on specific social programs. The first two, we have discussed to everybody's satisfaction I hope. There is no doubt in my mind that many of you could debate and dispute many of the individual concepts presented here today. As far as these egocentric little quirks are concerned, enjoy them. Your society may allow dissent, but the corporation will not. The programs we have developed at great cost and effort will bear out to be the greatest single change in human social history since the birth of Jesus Christ."

”So you see, up to this point we have discussed the conceptual as well as the profits impact. Now let us discuss the impact of this new concept upon specific social programs."

"Our main interest the accumulation of “profits” will grow ever more impersonal, I have a few surprises for you. Remember, when I said that the corporate employee is also a human being? He shall have a great interest in the strength of his local community. Thus, I shall begin this part of the discuss ion talking of education."

"For all obvious practical purposes we shall continue our policy of providing direct financial aid for the schools, including scholarships, grants, and tuition refunds. Furthermore, we are more than happy to continue to provide equipment and trained personnel to aid in instruction. We do not feel, however, that business shall have a role in education. We are convinced that you have no interest in our presence there and so we have very little motivation to interfere in the educational process. It shall be, of course, in the States best interests to provide its people with an adequate education so that they may be more adept to acquire higher salaries thus maintain the high levels of State treasuries. Therefore, the corporation shall no longer stick its nose into the fabric of society's education."

"There other arenas we feel that the corporation must, in order to share progress, bid a not-so-fond farewell. These areas are in economic growth and stability, employment and training, and local government. We’re avoiding- the economic stability of any particular community. Each individual community shall provide for their own needs. We maintain that the People for themselves should decide as to the level of growth and affluence they wish to achieve. Local government should provide for these needs without outside economic considerations.”

"Our next concept is that we believe that the State must take full responsibility for employment and training of its citizenry. Since an employee shall have his medical, retirement, and child care needs provided for by the State, unless fired, laid off, or put on disability, we believe that the State should provide its workforce with all the necessary and worthwhile skills needed to insure individual as well as State income levels."

"Finally, as stated earlier, ethnicity, race, religious preference, or gender shall not be considered as grounds for employment. Even under the most racist or abusive of governments, any impoverished individuals will have equal access to jobs. We highly recommend you oppressors change your barbaric policies. It is in your own best interests."

"As far as the traditional relationship between business and local government, we look upon it as non-existent. Initially, we had considered to treat governments in the same obnoxious and irrational manner they have always constipated our systems with. Taxation and over regulation were two of the many considerations we pondered. However, since this program is one of fairness and logic, we would prefer to have absolutely no dealings with any local government outside the re1m of business as usual."

"In the spirit of good business and having an understanding of the needs (financial) of government, we have made the following compromises. Any corporation wishing to do business in any given market shall pay tariff to the State. Different from a tax, this amount is directly tied to a proportionate share of consumption of local resources and what if any capital is exported elsewhere. This sum shall include all determined needs of the corporation for public services such as police, fire, streets and parking, electric, gas, water, and other utilities and services we may require. Furthermore, all corporations shall be charged on an equivalent basis."

"The need of the people to protect its ecology as well as the medical needs of the community are open wounds in the body politic. A great deal of time and consideration went into this particular aspect of business and social responsibility. We agree to protect, as well as technology allows, the environments we capitalize upon for production. Please be sure to realize that as ecological support increases, profits decrease. Should any of us determine that the cost of protecting the environment is greater than the expense invested, a community may lose that particular industry."

"There is no clear cut ecological policy that we can advocate. These needs are locally determined and thus, just as your varying cultures, place great strains upon our 'larger picture' policies. Workers in Detroit have a lot less interest in air quality than those of, say, Denver. Again, we shall try to adhere to your established standards, yet beware that the costs do not outgrow the benefits."

"Medicine was another of those sacred cows that needed to be led to the slaughter. While medicine itself is a business, the needs of the people far outrank any profit motive. Through taxation and tariff, the State will provide medical requirements for its’ citizens. Therefore, it shall be up to the State to assure the needs of the unemployed to work toward full employment."

“Speaking of social pains, we have determined that formal support for 'culture and the arts' is no longer deemed necessary. Until today, donations to cultural/artistic Since there is no longer demand for we refuse to accept further obligation to these no longer necessary tax shelters. Let each community build its own cultural base. Lowered expense accounts reflect in lower prices and higher profit margins to our investors. However, do not work yourselves into a frenzy. I, as an individual within a particular community may choose to give of my own resources to continue to support these charities. So too shall others contribute to their own personal preferences. Be Kind to the people and they shall repay you."

"So people, you have seen the merits of our new program as it shall affect the cultural, economic, and political world we now live in. There are going to be many changes in this new paradigm. Some of you will not fare so well in the beginning and others will probably do better than they deserve. It shall all balance out in the long run. You will see that we are right."

With that, he raised his arm underhanded in the direction of the collage of gaping mouths and with a quick flip of his wrist told his audience, "now get out of here. Go home and take care of your people. Leave us alone to do the rest."

Then he turned and walked out of the room. It was the day Bank of America got the Bomb. Whew, what a day.

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