Rap on the Rosary

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

(Recently, a high school suspended a student for wearing Rosary Beads on campus. The schoolís police ďresourceĒ officer told school administrators that the Rosary Beads are a gang symbol. In response, the following was penned in Rap*. Both as a challenge to me as a writer and because what I hear in my head is a modern day childís response to a police officer having her suspended for wearing a Rosary).

It was in the news just the other day
A student banned from school in an unusual way

She wore, they said the beads of the Rosary
ďItís a gang symbolĒ, they said, before they kicked her to her knees.

Itís a Rosary, fool. Itís not an M-80 in your pool.
Itís wearers are peaceful. Supposed to be not deceitful.

Iím a kid. A student. I just go to my school
I learn all my lessons. Whatís true and whatís bull.

My teacher says No. My Mommy says Go.
Whose decision is it whether I flag up to Show

I aint no gangsta. I aint no bitch
I wear a Rosary without a glitch

Donít dis me or punish my views of the Lord
Unless you want your guts splattered all over the chalkboard

I am a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Geek
How dare you attack my symbols you motherFUCKIN freak

It aint going to stop, this showing of a Rosary
Nothing has ever won against Christianity

Forget about God. This aint about Him
Its about that phat rag called the Constitution

We are free. I am free. To be.
What I choose to be is a wearer of the Rosary

Who are you, you mindless bureaucrat
Stuck in midlife, missing some hot chick fat

If the Holy JC is lookin down on me
I hope he is where they can hear all and see

Be it known to Him and his Lords
That freedom of expression is defended with swords

We beg. We cry. We plead until we die.
Meanwhile some school official does nothing but sigh

Itís the police can you believe it who dare to call out my beads
The same motherfuckers who beat blacks to their knees

Why them? Their word is not God
Itsí in His word whereat I root into sod

Fuck you world, I am an American. I bleed red white and fuck you too blue
Tell the cops to keep their eyes on the prize
and off my boyfriendís surprises

If I wear a rosary, a bandana for all to see. Or choose certain colors conspicuously.
Its none of your business, you petty little man
For ĎWe the PeopleĒ have formed a better land

Back down off your pedestal. Check out this sign in your view
It says I should slay blasphemers like you
Only my Rosary says No. God is in da house and Heíll know what to do

Now get out of my way
I am going to school
With God at my side
and watching you drool

*(Anybody who wants to spit this and set it to music has my permission to use the lyrics provided credit is given).

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