Auschlanders, Stay Out of My Race

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

In but four weeks, we will finally be wrapping up the near four year long campaign for President of the United States. From the days of Hillary the Shoe-In through Preachergate and Ms. YouBetcha, we stand now but hours from it finally being over. Were I a betting man, I might wager that the talking heads on cable start their babble on the 2012 race on November 5, 2008.

This is a major election of epoch changing proportions. We, as a nation and a people, are going through a metamorphosis. From our economy to our morality, everything seems to be on the table and subject to review and change.

Of course, certain “folks” out there in the rest of the world see this election as an opportunity to advance their own agendas. Be they Muslim. Persian, Christian, or Jew; every other nation on this planet is now voicing an opinion on how “they” want this upcoming election to turn out. Frankly, I don’t care what they think. What is in the best interests of the nation is the subject of the election. Not Britain but the United States.

Regardless of the outcome, many will consider it a “win” for their side or their God. A few may see it as an opportunity to change us as a People. Consider this a warning: Dissent here at home is irrelevant to our enemies abroad. United we will always be against common enemies and though we may show them mercy, we will just as quickly end their miserable lives should we be challenged. Right now, Americans are angry and it is a dangerous time for our enemies should they think we are to be provoked.

Throughout all of our history, from the Civil War to the great World Wars, through Viet Nam and now in Iraq, America has always held Her elections despite great internal upheaval. We have changed Presidents, Congresses, and made major shifts in policy during war time election cycles. Not once however, have these political shifts made us more vulnerable to our enemies. Each time we do so only hardens us and proves the point that ours is the worst system on the planet except for everybody’s else’s.

The opinion of the Queen’s agents, les affairs Francaise, Israel, Iran, or the wimps called Al Qaeda are all irrelevant. ‘Meaningless’ are the thoughts of those who lack the courage to stand up against soldiers instead slaughter the helpless, women, and little children. Let them boast and cheer and make all the fart noises they want in celebration of our election outcome. Even our friends have their own houses to restore before they attempt to intervene in my own.

Our enemies should never forget that to a citizen, we are all soldiers ready to stand up and defend this nation. If our enemies will not rest until they blow up the White House, then many generations of Arabs, Muslims, and fanatical Islamists are going to die. Remember in 1812 the British burned the White House and most of Washington. Yet, we remain. The Japanese burned Pearl Harbor and most of our Pacific fleet. We remained and responded. May Nagasaki and Hiroshima always serve as beacons of the pain of an American firestorm.

We may be a nation seriously divided here at home. Many are our internal disputes and there may even be criminal prosecutions and significant civil unrest as a result of our change in direction. We may resort to name calling, threats, government gridlock, and outright hostilities between various branches of our government and sectors of our society. Our nation may fall apart and end up broke. To pay our debt, we may have to sell Hawaii or Alaska or some of our other holdings. Thought our financial house may be in disarray, our national pride is always foursquare within the boundaries of the Constitution.

Our bickering in our own home is not a sign of weakness. It is the one strength that we have as a nation that sets us aside and above the cheap whorehouse political structures sought by Muslim extremists. We choose our politics and government by ballots, not bullets and despite the outcome, we agree to live with the results and to defend those results with our lives. It is the power of the ballot and the People having a voice that makes our fist the one you don’t want crashing into your face. Whether it is a left hook or a right jab, it will be a solid American punch our enemies feel should they err in judgment.

Whether our government continues to keep Iraq militarized with our troops or whether our soldiers leave instantly or over time, is neither a sign of weakness or surrender. Should we find a way out of our financial chaos or end up broke and in disrepair; still we will forever remain a dramatic example of the true power of the People as envisioned by Thomas Jefferson. The wonder and uniqueness of the ‘American experiment’ was and remains that we were the first state that actually recognized that power and authority flowed up from the People to their government and that government only had that power and authority specifically given to it. No other nation or political entity can make such a claim.

Should we change our approach and leave Iraq; doing so would be as a result of a failed policy. It is not surrender. We recognize some nations on this earth are just not intellectually and morally mature sufficient to accept the burden of freedom. There are those who despite everybody’s best efforts, insist on living miserable pathetic, abused lives and serve no God but the one of Death and destruction.

I strongly disagree that ours is a nation destined to be the world’s cop. Thomas Jefferson saw us as vocal advocates but never politically involved in disputes between nations. He wanted America to be isolationist on military conflicts. We were to be friends to all and a threat to none; provided we were left alone. That policy is one I still support and advocate as best as is possible in a 21st century world. I am not alone as over time, it has been the battlecry of the Republicans: from Eisenhower to Goldwater, America was libertarian and out of foreign conflicts.

Leaving Iraq is not failure on America’s part. It is failure in Iraq’s part. Millions of citizens cannot root out a couple thousand gangsters? As for those catcalls and challenges from the cowardly Jihadis, pay them no nevermind. From where I sit, they are no different from internet flamers. Dangerous though they may be, ultimately they hide in anonymity and behind skirts, nikabs, and hijabs. They thrive on the blood of the weak and defenseless. All they have is talk; blah blah blah.

Right now, America is engaged in a great internal debate that will decide our future. There is going to be conflict and strife. We have great issues to resolve and much damage to undo. America’s enemies should not confuse our cleaning house with disarray. Our enemies should never forget this very simple message: Stay out of our face right now or you will learn quickly the fatal lesson learned by others, namely that every single American stands with our President. So, “bring it on” or shut the hell up.

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