The Holy Trinity

By Matthew Comini

“I lost my soul today,
I found it later though.
But when I did it was dirty and beat up,
I think it might be broken.”

Those words were sent to me today by one whom I love.
She is not privy to the world of my deprivation,
Her innocence belies her sentiment.
My ire forgoes its intent.

I wrote once that a good soldier knows what to tell his family…
They have no idea.
They don’t need to, nor should they ever.
I will eat it the guts,
I will forget the glory,
I will bury the valor.
They will be free. That is what matters.

Take me, my world, for every damned thing I’m worth,
Stitch together the nation which you are.
Sew your seams tight against tyranny,
But know the tyrant you create and her expense.
Freedom can only be had by those willed to open minds,
Parties were not held dear on Independence Day.

My dear knows only innocence,
To her I beseech a god whom I can barely place faith in,
“Keep she on her path, guide her true,
My she has much to learn that will not come from me.”

My beloved walks alone tonight,
What does she with her freedom is up to her.
Will she mother serenity? Will she create further turmoil?
I know not,
I have done my peace to provide her piece
With that I wrestle this eve.

Dirty, broken and beaten are a trinity with which I am far too familiar.

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It is always a far better thing
to have peace than to be right.
But, when it is not,
or when all else fails

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