Ode to the Last Oreo
By Mark David Blum, Esq.

So there it be. The last one
Of its kind. Soon gone.
Four days now it has sat
That Oreo cookie
You are looking at
While its breathren died
A quick painless death
One by one they left
Until there was
But one
Four days it sits there alone
Both my wife and I
Have been home
Yet no one touched
The last Oreo
It is true love that we show
I, for her. She, for yo.
No one touches the
Last Oreo
“it is for you, my dear”
“no, you eat it, my love”
And so it sits
Four days now
In the same spot
The waiting game continues
An Oreo alone is a meaningless thing
One cannot just have one fling
One needs a box, a bag,
A pound and a half
So what value is there to
Just one Oreo
Staring back at me
But I will win, yes I will
I can hang in longer still
The Oreo is for her
Like it or not
I will die before I surrender
She will eat it
It is hers
She says its mine
Words on deafened ears
So the Oreo will sit
Until the wall does fall
And someone’s will
Leaves no choice at all
And then gone is the Oreo
Gooey center et al.

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