Ode to a Fucking Duck

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

Yessirree, it was just my luck

to come upon a fucking duck

no it wasnt rude nor did it cluck

it just humped its mate. fuck fuck fuck

i had come that day to try my luck

and ride around without my truck

on the bike canal, i myself did chuck

and five miles out, a fucking duck

there i was, alone and stuck

aching to strip and my clothes to chuck

and then the thought of the laws to buck

would drag my life down into the muck

but there on the path, my life did suck

as i came to a stop to watch the duck fuck

and fuck and fuck its mate it did fuck

it dint matter; as natural as Huck

just hump that duck and fuck fuck fuck

it dawned on me like a whack from a puck

or a whisper from a chattering woodchuck

that human beings have no such luck

we cannot just stop and strip and suck

we cannot just stop and fuck fuck fuck

and so goes my luck

as i though about that damn duck fuck

when i got back to my truck

after 20 miles of canal mud and muck

i prayed and hoped next time to buck

the prohibition against an outdoor fuck

and if perchance or if by luck

you come across a shark or duck

and see them gettin down to fuck

promise me you wont laugh or yuck.

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