Knocking at the House of Saud

By Matthew A. Comini

To the Royalty of the Kingdom,

Where are you, my friends, dear House of Saud, the keepers of Mecca and all things Islamic, in this war? Your holy clerics should be screaming from your minarets at the atrocities committed in the name of Allah. Instead, the Guardian of the Most Holy Mosque only pays cursory words and conducts a handful of raids in his homeland. Damn it! Stand up and show the world the good in Muslims. Show us your fierce pride, your teeth, your grit, your love, your humanity, your ingenuity, something, please, for the sake of us all!

Rout out your devils wherever they may seek harbor, displace them, paint them unholy, castigate them, and condemn them!

To the People of the Kingdom,

Do not allow a band of rogues to be the universal representation of your faith. I am a Christian who has spent a considerable amount of time with "true" Muslims. Faithful followers of Mohamed accepted me as a brother, and I them. Never once did we rise to conflict. We upheld respect for one another. In fact, I can say this with the utmost honesty and reverence of them. I have with rarity, in my thirty-five years, met more kind, generous, or hospitable people.

That is the side of your religion that is not portrayed when you and your nation fail to take action against those who serve only to subvert your true face.

I shudder to think that all I know about you has been a rouse. Do not allow me to believe that there is a clandestine agenda of hatred in all of your hearts. It is too much for me to accept that you wish for brothers and sisters of peace, whether they be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, or Buddhist, to continue dying at the hands of blood-lusting radicals. I beseech you, for the sake of the world, denounce loudly this thought!

To the Faithful of all Faiths,

There is no reward everlasting for taking life in the name of your religion or your God. Regardless of the name or names we refer to as our Creators, they are all one in the same. It is merely a matter of geography and human nature that we speak foreign tongues and worship in an multitude of manners. We must all, to our cores, believe that our God desires peace versus chaos.

We stand on what some believe to be the pecipice of World War III. Are our selfish prides and desires worth a horrid repeat of wretched history? How many millions of lives must we extinguish with a bullet, blade, or blast, and how much more destruction must we sire in order to satiate our God?

The answer is, NO MORE!!!!!

With the Utmost Reverance and Sincerity,

A Believer in Faith and American Soldier

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