Shock and Awe

By Matthew A. Comini

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to write about what Iraq is really like. At the time I was remodeling my front porch, so I never got to it. Now, countless hours, an empty wallet courtesy of at least fifty-five trips to Lowes and the Home Depot later, the porch is complete, save for some minor touches here and there. And, might I add, it looks damned good!

Anyhow, so Iraq, huh?

The place sucks. I watched my buddy’s name roll up the screen the other day and I thought about how he came to the states from Central America, couldn’t find a decent job to support his wife and kids, even with his engineering degree, so he joined the Army. A-P was one of the nicest guys you ever wanted to meet. When the chips were down, he always had a way of putting things into a perspective that made them all seem worth while. He was a proud father and husband, a mentor to his soldiers, and a trusted friend and peer to me. The only fault I can find with him is that he should have retired. He had his twenty in. Instead, he opted to go to Iraq where a roadside bomb dismembered him and he bleed out on the street. You son-of-a-bitch, 'vedo! You did your time, why the fuck didn’t you hang it up?!

His death was senseless and grotesque: that is Iraq in a nutshell. To hell with that place. Pull every soldier out of there and bomb it into the stone age. Fuck them, fuck, their freedom, they don’t know what to do with it anyhow, and fuck their oil too! And oh yeah, before I forget, fuck those bastards in GTMO too! Pull the media out and the shades down on the entire farce. Give the commanders free range to kill as many as we can with cruise missiles and guided munitions, and let whoever is left standing exterminate the rest of themselves.

There will never, I repeat, never be peace over there. It is not in the culture, but death is. Did you not see the “Mickey Mouse” brainwashing video? Yeah, okay, let’s just use Mickey to teach kids barely old enough to speak to become martyrs. How sick and twisted is that? Hell, they even have cartoons of jihadists suicide attacking convoys! You cannot defeat an enemy with that type of mentality. All you can do is kill as many as possible, and hope that the rest will exterminate one another.

They breed like rats, or grow like weeds, I’m not sure which analogy is more suited. Either way, scum is scum and it reproduces regardless. Every town we cleared was calm for two months or so, then the insurgents came right back in force. There we’d go and wipe them out again, peace for a while, then the same old shit over and over. The snipers, the IED’s, then the mortars in that progression, would all return. The cycle repeated like Swiss clock work.

You cannot saturate the former Mesopotomia with enough American blood to ever return it to the Garden of Eden. It is a wasteland that will strip every shred of flesh bearing decency from its bearers bones. The land of the Tigris and Euphrates is a snake infested swamp that should be damned by all nations and forgotten. Nothing good will ever come of it, and not another life should be lost in attempt to better it.

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