It's Not My Damned Fault

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

I wake up this morning and as I peruse my newsfeed and suckle my warm java, I am inundated with opinions and commentaries about the Florida murder case over music. I have no information other than a basic understanding that a verbal argument ended with gunfire and another dead kid. I also understand while the shooter was convicted of attempted murder, the jury hanged on the murder charge. based on again scant information, that is probably the accurate outcome.

HOWEVER, what I will not tolerate, what I will not accept, and what I will not allow to go by without comment, are those who say I should feel bad because there was not a murder conviction. the jury may have gone with the facts, angela corey may really suck as a prosecutor, or there simply was not enough evidence to meet the legal standard.

I refuse to take any slings or arrows, or accept and guilt or blame, and have nothing to do with anything that happened in florida. i wasn't there. people are preaching to me saying i should feel guilty because I am a white man. I will not. i am not guilty for the sins of my fathers (who really weren't my fathers but that's another discussion). i am not guilty for the sins of my neighbors. i will stand judgment any day on my own attitudes and behaviors. saying all whiteys are alike is the same as say all Asians are alike. get it?

don't look to me and say "whitey is worse". don't look at me as the cause for stupid people opening fire on each other. i didn't do it. i don't need to defend my "cred" but suffice it to say that if the 14th amendment means anything, it means that the difference between you and me is other than our appearance. anybody who would venture to distinguish between me and you based on skin color is themselves the racist.

talk to me this morning George Kilpatrick. i trust you. what am i missing

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