Dear Syracuse Basketball

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

I have been among the many #1 fans of your teams since I landed here back in 1988. I have lost my voice too many times from screaming at the beauty of your high flying wins year after year after year. When you joined the ACC, I got the basketball version of an erection as I saw the potential for a season full of Final Four games with those wanna-be teams down south.

But, this year, you have also made another change. Syracuse basketball is only being broadcast on high end cable package stations. To me, this sends two messages. One of them is that I am not going to be able to enjoy your team anymore because I am among those who cannot or will not pay for a huge cable package. The other message you are sending is that Syracuse Basketball is too elite for the common resident of Upstate New York as only those who are spending hundreds of dollars a month with the local cable provider will enjoy the games.

I know you owe the Big East a boatload of money for leaving the league. That was your business decision and a good one, I might add. But if the price of that move is my being cut off from watching two top ten teams playing on national television, then I must bid the Orange goodbye and shift my attention elsewhere.

That is a shame. Twenty five years I have bled Orange. Apparently, it is time for a transfusion.



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