Human Faces of Christmas

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

Tis the day of Christmas eve
The one that I brave
Get out and accept the
Oncoming Christmas wave

I have waited and ignored
And shoved my face in the ground
Hoping and pretending this wasnít around

Christmas is one day, one day only each year
But it lasts for the three months; hallows to New Year
The music the gifts the cookies galore
Iím fast losing my figure to a two dollar whore

But as part of a tradition that goes back to a millennia
I jaunt off this day and join the mall mania
Its on xmas eve that I love to meander and shop
And watch all the crazies and their little heads as they pop

I have all day and a list of a few
And hours and hours amongst the rushed crazed milieu
I walk some and then drink
And take my time just to think
As I stalk and hunt down
Something to upturn a frown

I have me no list, no thoughts, and no plans
I search out inspiration, am not on any errands
My eyes and my brain, as friend as theyíll be
Will still find some magic in that monstrosity

People tell me all the good stuff is already gone
I am so sick and tired of that worn out song
I donít people what they want, what they ask, or even hint
I find something that that means something. Not gather up lint

I try to get deeply into chaotic minds
What would they enjoy among all these cool finds?
What will cause them to smile and beam
And never forget who gave them this dream

This is my hunt between shots of Jose
This is my goal and I meander all day
If you see me, say hi.
And then keep moving on by
Cuz Iím a man on a mission
To see that Christmas comfort and joy
From one end of the mall to the other far off
Itís a blast to go slow and watch others go off

When its all over, I may stop again for a pop
Or a matinee up stairs, if I should need to doze off
Or visit a friend and share a little xmas joy
Or just go on to my home and be a good boi

Happy hunting to all and to all a good night

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