Russian Sex Olympics

By Mark David Blum,k Esq.

I am frustrated my President turned the Sochi winter Olympics into the Sex Olympics. The Olympic Games are all about putting national pride and politics aside, and for one window of time, the whole world comes together for a giant party and friendly competition. It is the one true weirdness we have as a species that for past couple thousand years, we have been able to do this for two weeks every four years but we cant do it everyday.

Still, my President bent over backwards to switch the focus from the athletes to Russian political inequalities. I think we have enough of our own that we might want to focus more here at home than politics elsewhere; something about glass houses and rock throwing.

These Games are not about sex. Going down should be about skis, not knees. Getting the pipe and miracles on ice should have to be about the game not the same. I am more concerned with Gold rings than Brass ones.

I am sorry that President Obama has decided to make the Games about sex and gender equality. It was always my thought that the Olympics stood for something greater than that.

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