Earth Day 2014

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

I know this is earth day and all and believe me, I am all for the earth cuz without it, I would just float endlessly in space.

but on this solemn day of remembrance and celebration, let us almost remain humble and not let ourselves be so arrogant as to think we are the end of what will be the ultimate history of the earth.

so far we know of six mass extinctions that happened through the planet's history. we know of snowball earth and scorching tropical earth. we saw what happened to dinosaurs and their predecessors and their successors.

as much as I love life and enjoy all that we have accomplished since the discovery of fire and the wheel, one day its all going to end. seriously.

on a more micro scale, do you imagine the United States will be existence 100 years from now? 500 years from now? 1000 years from now?

the earth is bountiful and amazing in its wonders. we as a species or race of humanoids have succeeded incredibly as we have adapted and grown over the eons.

but to think we can actually change what is ultimately an eventuality? seriously? if nothing else; if we save every life and living creature, one day there just aint gunna be enough room and the system will again check itself.

love mother earth; remember she is ultimately in control. we can change very little. enjoy and celebrate. don't bemoan and be panicked. that asteroid will be here soon enough

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