Showdown at the Bundy Corral

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

Senator Reid, before you stand I along with Thomas Jefferson at my left shoulder and John Adams at my right. we are here to remind you Senator that if standing in opposition to what is believed to be illegal or heavy handed oppressive government activity is now defined as "terrorism", then I suggest you put my ass too on a no-fly list. (I also suggest you redefine terrorism). it is the duty of the American people to ALWAYS hold their government in check and accountable for its actions. the government is by design and by intent, a tool of the people, not the overseer of the People. We decide what is right and what is wrong. You listen.

if government is looking at the Bundy ranch incident as being a disgruntled deadbeat with a bunch of crazy rednecks standing behind him, then they are missing the real point of the exercise -- and dangerously so. there is an anger building amongst the people -- an anger that showed its face first on a mass scale with the rise of the Tea Party and then the Occupy movement. those particular movements may be dead in fact, but I guarantee you they live in on spirit. the people are pissed and government had better listen or every issue is going to devolve into a Bundy ranch.

as was once said by a potential juror in a drug trial, "A GOVERNMENT THAT DECLARES WAR ON ITS OWN PEOPLE HAS NO LEGITIMACY". this is why we need the second amendment in full force and widely interpreted. an armed population is the last line of defense against a corrupt and tyrannical government. that which cannot be fixed by ballots will end up being fixed by bullets. this is the lesson of history

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