Chuck Korea

By Mark David Blum, Esq.

In the ever springing forth hope in my heart; perhaps a member of Congress will hear me, turn over a new page (pun intended), and put the Korean issue to bed once and for all. I do not want to hear another word about North Korea or its potential threat. It is not my issue. Only remotely is North Korea’s possession of a nuclear weapon or a long range missle a threat to the United States. Only American pride seems the most at risk. Here in Syracuse, our risk of a North Korean attack directly upon us is so remote as to draw little more than a yawn from the fear mongering that fills the 24 cable news chatter.

Almost forty thousand armed-to-the-teeth American soldiers stand watch on the 38th Parallel and patrol the world’s most dangerous and heavily mined parcel of real estate. I pay that bill. So do you. We have all been paying in blood and dollars for that 38th Parallel to be our line in the sand for almost sixty years. The line has not moved an inch. Neither has the diplomacy.

North Korea is a problem for its neighbors. China, Australia, Japan, South Korea … these are the nations who have to find and implement a solution. As always we should stand ready to assist but North Korea is not our problem. At a minimum North Korea is a nuisance to us personally but presents a serious threat to her neighbors.

If Korean missles are the threat that pundits allege, then the course of action is to right now go over and kick the living crap out of North Korea. Behead the government and let political democratic process take over. Not a drop of American blood need be shed; just send a few flying birds. Americans believe that if given the chance, people will always choose freedom over tyranny. So I say Mister President, either kill the Korean leadership and let the North Korean people choose … or move on. This decades-long game of cat and mouse is too expensive and gives us little to no benefit. Do it now, before they become even more threatening. Whether the decision to attack is ultimately right, history will judge. But if the policy is to end the threats, then push the button already. Parking a few warships off the coast and zipping planes back and forth does nobody any good. Shock and awe that little big man back to the 18th century.

Our initial main investment in holding our position on the Korean peninsula was to sustain our own “wall” or line in the sand beyond which that “evil communism” was not going to spread. We have maintained that wall steadfastly since 1948. In Vietnam, there we too tried to draw a line but that experiment failed. The difference between the two is the people of South Korea actually supported our efforts. No matter how hard our government tries to sell us on a policy of invasion and gunboat political restructuring, if the move is not indigineously supported, we will fail every time.

Not long ago, Mr. Gorbachov tore down his wall. Now it is our turn. I call upon my President to pack up the entire contingent of United States Military forces and equipment and bring them home. The cold war is over. Communism itself as a political ideology is not a threat. Terrorists are terrorists regardless of their god or paradigm. We the People of the United States have nothing to fear from North Korea or its political ideas.

It is likewise not imperative for us to maintain any kind of trigger or backup for South Korean troops should the North invade. South Korea and North Korea are one nation, one people, one language, divided by an American minefield and a form of government. Eventually these two peoples will merge and reunite in some form. For what good end do we still stand that wall?

Today, the entire world remains aflame in response to the missle test and alleged nuclear detonation test by the North Koreans. Our President has already declared his intent to settle this with diplomacy though of course “nothing is off the table”. We have asked the United Nations to join us in inflicting economic and other sanctions against the North Korean government. Starving them and isolating them further has never achieved anything.

Not so fast there, Dear Reader: While we and the rest of the world are appalled, incensed, shocked, dismayed, and totally perturbed about the missle launch and the ever growing threat by Dear Leader, we still load up train loads of food and supplies to feed and maintain the imprisoned North Korean people. We talk, we threaten, and we constantly negotiate. For nearly sixty years, not a damn thing has come of it.

The time has come to burden South Korea to proceed on its own and amend its relationship with its’ northern neighbor. The whole world would rejoice. But, we American taxpayers have the right to have our warships, our planes, our troops, and our hardware all brought home. “They” have to work it out. At a minimum, they have to find a way to work on working it out. Our continuing presence makes us meddlers and targets the wrath of Little Kim in our direction.

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