Mark David Blum, Esq. Caught on Tape

In November 2011, Mark got hoodwinked into participating in a play / Follies as a fundraiser for the St. Joseph’s Hospital new emergency department then under construction. The nurse who talked him into joining the ensemble herself quit the show. Mark was the only non-hospital employee in the show and the only lawyer versus a cast and crew of medical professionals. Despite having no talent to sing or dance, Mark was recruited to do all that, and then some. In this scene, Mark sings and dances a number from the real Will Rogers Follies. (see at minute 3:05). In this scene, Mark sings as badly as he can. (With apologies to Alan Jackson). Fight Scene! Watch Mark kick some butt. Mark shows his Caveman roots and in the end, proves again how badly he can sing and dance.

Mark has also made the rounds on the local talk show circuit discussing mostly police brutality, the drug war, the CRB, and even Occupy Syracuse. Here he is on Art Levy’s show circa 1996. With Dave Valesky and George Kilpatrick,Mark does a bit on Upstate Morning on the subject of the 2000 Presidential election and the legal debate before the Supreme Court. See at minute 16:00. Twice back in 1998, Mark was a guest on the public access Reconsider Show.

Oh yeah, Mark once even spoke up for Occupy Syracuse back in its genesis.

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