Resume and Curriculum Vitae of Mark David Blum

Attorney, Owner and C.O.O.
Law Offices of MARK DAVID BLUM
Founded 1992

Built a successful business and law practice
Designed and managed all day to day business and legal operations
Strategized and sustained all financial practices
Acquired and maintained substantial and varied Client base
Gained operating familiarity with the following industries:
o Hazardous Waste
o H.M.O.
o Education
o Medicine and Nursing
o Insurance
o Construction
o Internet
o Local, state and national government operations
o Police Operations, training, psychology
o Major plant operations
o Human resources
o Nuclear power
o Finance
o Real estate development and use
o Small business development, management and growth
o Advertising and marketing
o Courts and administrative operations and procedures

Attained specialized knowledge in areas of:
o employment operations
o civil rights and constitutional law
o contract negotiations
o internet crimes and civil law
o Business strategizing and market development
o The Drug War and Narco-trafficking
o Large organization development
o Market development and growth
o Police profiling and corruption

President and Board Chairman
Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce (1996-1998)

o Twice elected President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
o Worked with a volunteer Board of Directors of various business professionals
o Coordinated internal programs that increased and sustained membership
o Developed and implemented joint programs with other organizations
o Created a program for members to learn from experts in various fields
o Chaired many public appearances, presentations, and parties
o Organized general membership meetings
o Represented the organization at public functions

Radio, Television, Print and Public Presentations
o Featured radio and television pundit on legal issues of public interest such as O.J. Simpson murder trial, the 2000 Presidential Election and the Florida Vote, Racial Profiling in Police Work, Civil Rights and the Fourth Amendment, and local matters.
o Spoke at professional public gatherings on issues of police profiling and civil rights
o Authored commentaries for The Business Journal, a New York Business Publication County

Co-Chairperson and Legal Counsel
Ross Perot for President Campaign
Onondaga County, New York (1992)
o Organized and nurtured grass-roots political organization
o Oversaw day to day operations
o Managed a Board of Directors
o Developed and oversaw financial operations
o Coordinated with state and national committees
o Trained and supervised petitioners seeking to place candidate on the ballot
o Organized public gatherings


Syracuse University College of Law
Juris Doctor awarded: May 1991
o Order of the Barrister, Moot Court,
o National Trial Team member
o Senior Thesis: Heuristic Detailing of Perjoration and Lost Equiponderance in Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases. (A study of the history and unintended, hidden and unfair burdens put upon plaintiffs in federal civil rights and employment litigation).

University of California at Berkeley
Baccalaureate awarded: May 1988, Sociology
o High Honors and Distinction (top 10%)
o Honors Thesis: Social Change and Control in Totalist Organizations. A study of the use of multiple stimuli to manipulate and control small group behavior.

o Admitted New York Bar, January 1992
o Admitted United States District Court of the Northern District New York, June 1992
o Admitted United States Supreme Court, April 1999

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